Best New Product – Genomics

The ever- expanding universe of applications for gene expression analysis products has made these technologies some of the most enticing and promising systems in recent times. Understanding the role of genetic variation is expected to profoundly change our perspective on human disease and the practice of medicine in the years to come. Across these two broad categories were everything from Reagents used to transform, modify or alter DNA to capital equipment used to manipulate nucleic acids, determine genetic sequences, or monitor gene expression levels. Companies competing in this segment of the market have had to be versatile and visionary, while still delivering results based upon their core technology or offering. As genomics research becomes more complex, scientists seek out products that improve the flow of and/or automate the various steps of a genomics experiment from sample preparation to assay set-up.


Sequel II System

The Sequel II System includes the new SMRT Cell 8M, as well as chemistry, instrument control software and the SMRT Link software package that reduce project costs and timelines with approximately eight times the data output compared to the previous Sequel System. Using the Sequel II System, customers can comprehensively detect human variants ranging in size from single nucleotide changes to large, complex structural variants. The system is also ideal for standard applications such as de novo assembly of large genomes and whole transcriptome analysis using the Iso-Seq method. Extensive analyses of Sequel II data demonstrate that the system can provide equivalent or higher accuracy compared to the Sequel System. HiFi reads can enable comprehensive human variant detection with ≥95% precision and recall of structural variants, ≥99% precision and recall of single nucleotide variants, and ≥ 96% precision and recall of insertions and deletions with as little as 15-fold coverage.


Magnis NGS Prep System

The fully automated Magnis NGS Prep System includes reagents and protocols that make it easy to assay multiple genes and complex genetic aberrations from genomic DNA, including degraded samples such as formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE). Providing a complete solution for NGS library preparation, the Magnis system is fully automated and delivers reproducible results with one-day turnaround time. It has been designed to run complex NGS library assays with minimal technical knowledge and hands-on time. Incorporating self-detection and tuning capabilities, the Magnis system also comes with pre-aliquoted reagents and pre-set protocols. It is fully compatible with Agilent’s SureSelect XT HS library prep workflow, allowing molecular barcode-based error correction, as low as 10ng of DNA input, and optimized performance for poor-quality specimens. When combined with the Agilent 4150 TapeStation, the Magnis system provides quality control of the sample throughout the NGS workflow.

Bronze Award

QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro Real-Time PCR Systems

Thermo Fisher Scientific’ Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro Real-Time PCR Systems include facial authentication, voice commands, radio-frequency identification (RFID)-enabled plate scanning, and quick access to service and support to improve the user-instrument interaction. Now, with smart features that include quick and secure log-in through facial authentication, and hands-free operation with voice-activated commands, productivity and the overall user experience is transformed. QuantStudio Pro instruments use RFID-enabled Applied Biosystems TaqMan Array Plates upload of plate layout and assay information for setting up the run. Results from experiments can then be analyzed remotely from any desktop computer or smart phone. Support is facilitated through the new Smart Help feature that forwards all diagnostic information to an on-call team member and corrective action may be completed remotely using augmented reality technology.