Best New Product – Protein Analysis

Protein expression is commonly used by researchers to denote the measurement of the presence and abundance of one or more proteins in a particular cell or tissue.  We defined this category as consisting of products used to conduct protein expression profiling, identify protein targets for biomarker or pathway research, perform multiplex analysis of multiple disease categories, and so on. To gain a comprehensive understanding of protein function and regulation, researchers must separate proteins, then identify and characterize the expressed proteins.  And as we entered the post-genome era, scientists embarked on the quest to uncover the functional application of genes as expressed in the proteome created a new frontier and the need for new technologies and integrated workflows for large scale proteomics.


Orbitrap Exploris 480 Mass Spectrometer

The new Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer (MS) combines proven technology, advanced capabilities and intelligence-driven data acquisition strategies for rigorous, high-throughput protein identification, quantitation and structural characterization of biotherapeutics and translational biomarkers. The system provides enhanced quantitative performance across label-free and tandem mass tag (TMT) experiments, as well as access to new Thermo Scientific SureQuant methods for ultra-sensitive targeted protein assays. This combination allows researchers to conduct rapid, multiplexed analysis of proteins within complex biological matrices. With a smaller footprint than previous generations, the new system maximizes laboratory bench space while maintaining high-resolution, mass accuracy and spectral quality. Additionally, the Orbitrap Exploris 480 MS has many new features to extend uptime and improve serviceability for researchers in high-throughput laboratory environments.


PurePep Chorus

The new scalable instrument and software platform enables production of even the most challenging sequences at the highest possible crude purity and yield. PurePep Chorus has a modular design, enabling in-lab upgrades aligned with the growing needs of peptide researchers. The flexible system can be purchased with, or lab-upgraded to include, two, four, or six channels, with independent induction heating, and real-time UV monitoring on two or more channels. PurePep Chorus also employs flexible programming and Single-Shot™ additions, to eliminate the need for priming while minimizing waste when using special amino acids and reagents. The instrument incorporates an intuitive interface software that simplifies the chemist’s workflows, accelerates set-up with pre-programmed methods, while also being designed for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.


TimsTOF FleX

The TimsTOF FleX mass spectrometer, which includes a software-switchable MALDI source adapted to the ESI TimsTOF Pro platform. This new combined ESI/MALDI capability enables spatially resolved omics, which the company calls SpatialOMx, on a single instrument. TimsTOF FleX comes with Bruker’s 10-kHz SmartBeam 3D laser with true pixel fidelity for rapid, label-free MALDI imaging at high spatial resolution while preserving the 4D proteomics and phenomics sensitivity of the TimsTOF Pro in ESI mode. The approach enables researchers to gain insights into spatial molecular distributions in tissues from MALDI imaging, and to guide 4D omics molecular expression studies.